Coil Roofing Nailers

Coil roofing nailers are the most abused tools on my jobsite. They withstand... More

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Aluminum Roofing

Q: How common is aluminum standing-seam roofing? It seems that this profile would be better suited for heat-related expansion and contraction than corrugated aluminum panels fastened through their face, but my local suppliers carry only steel standing sea More

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Tool Test: Pneumatic Cap Nailers

Look for an easy-to-load magazine and a trouble-free feed system. More

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Tool Test: Coil Framing Nailers

Coils guns are heavier than stick nailers, so look for a well-balanced tool. More

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Ice Dams in Valleys

Q. I need to fix a problem with ice dams in a new house. The ice dams form in two valleys over a cathedral ceiling and are causing leaks. The roof is standing-seam metal, and there is not enough venting in the valley area. Is there a solution short of tea More

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Max Powerlite High-Pressure Nailer

Max's new high-pressure coil nailer performs remarkably well on the job site, but... More

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Installing Metal Shingles

There's more to metal roofing than standing seam and ag panels. An experienced... More

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Metal Roofing Options

Metal roofing is durable, attractive, and available in a wide range of styles,... More

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Q&A: Life Expectancy of Metal Roofs

Q. We're working on a 120-year-old house that still has its original standing-seam metal roof. A roof painter told the owner that this roof has 50 years of useful life left. Can a metal roof really last 170 years? More

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