Commercial Building Projects

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Animal Hospital Rehab

Workflow and planning were critical in keeping this emergency veterinary care... More

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Tiling a Commercial Kitchen Floor

How do you tile a floor to withstand spills of hot cooking oils and scalding water... More

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From What We Gather: January 23 - 27, 2017

On JLC's news radar this week: California offers funds for earthquake retrofits;... More

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Comeback Milestone: Joplin, Missouri Hits A Billion In Post-Tornado Permits

Rebuilding is not complete, but Joplin’s post-tornado building boom is rolling along. More

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Getting Into Light Commercial Work

Have you ever been walking through a shopping mall where a new store was being built and wondered what it would be like to do that kind of work? Like residential work, commercial jobs have their challenges and rewards, but the work isn't for everyone. More

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Making It in Commercial Interiors

Retail-interiors contractor Mark Willms speaks out on how to get the good jobs, cope with the owners, architects, and inspectors, and keep our sanity. (And why he enjoys it.) More

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Planning for Profit in Commercial Remodeling

This can be a good area for diversification for residential contractors. But first, bone up on margins, cash flow, and bonding. More

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Case Study: Small-Scale Historic Rehab

Compromises on design, codes, and costs help turn a run-down brick double-ender into a profitable commercial development. More

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