Mixing Oil and Water

Cabot's new water-based ATO stain doesn't look like much in the can, but it... More

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Choosing a Whole-House Ventilation Strategy

An update on current standards and how to meet them More

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Part 2: Choosing a Whole-House Ventilation Strategy

Part 2 of Allison Bailes series on current ventilation standards and how best to... More

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Clients from Hell

Adam Shaf says a dispute with his former clients stems from them "not paying us for work, not because of poor workmanship." More

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Ohio County Ponders Whether To Enforce Code

Should Morrow County, Ohio, enforce the state building code? That’s the question on the minds of the county’s planning commission. More

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Pennsylvania: Code Adoption Process Under Scrutiny

Lawmakers are taking a closer look at the Pennsylvania commission responsible for updating the state’s building code. More

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New England Update
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Builder's Library

The Word on Warranties More

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Eight-Penny News
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