Concrete Blocks

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Block or Poured Concrete Foundation?

Each method has advantages and disadvantages, but more often than not the deciding... More

First Look: Skilsaw Medusaw

Skilsaw is extending the reach of its well-known technology with the first... More

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Kroy by Ply Gem Column Collection

Molded from a Civil War-era fence, 6-inch-thick concrete blocks are simply stacked... More

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Small Garage Foundation Repair

A mobile concrete mixer solved both budgetary and logistical problems More

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Framing Fix for a Faulty Foundation

When a foundation is out-of-level and out-of-square, you can shim the joists,... More

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Adjustable Column

The Lally Lock is a three-part height-adjustable Lally column More

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Ventilating Acrylic-Block Windows

US Block Windows' operable acrylic-block windows provide the appearance and... More

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Laying Block Steps

Get a cast-in-place look with versatile CMUs installed over a reinforced slab. More

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Clips for flat tiles; mounting blocks; aluminum-and-glass railing; crawlspace ventilation; fibercement siding panels; more More

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