Concrete Blocks

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Framing a 16-Sided Addition

Accuracy in laying out and building the foundation helped keep the rest of the job... More

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Custom Door Trim On an MDF Budget

You can mill five sets of casing from a single sheet. More

Concrete Houses for the Coast

Hurricane Katrina taught a valuable lesson: the only houses likely to survive the... More

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Beyond the Basics With ICFs

Curved walls and arch-topped openings are possible with standard blocks. More

High and Dry

In the flood-prone Gulf region, an elevated home is a no-brainer. The classic... More


Green Toilet ~ Cool Roof ~ Cool Attic ~ Steel Driving Gun ~ Have a Blast ~ Starter... More

Hurricane-Resistant Concrete Homes

Following the 2004 hurricane season, Florida-based Mercedes Homes paired up with... More

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Block Walls, Vapor Barriers, and Solar Vapor Drive

Q: With a cavity wall assembly consisting of load-bearing 8-inch CMUs (concrete masonry units), 2 inches of rigid foam, a 2-inch air space, and 4-inch concrete bricks covered with cementitious stucco and an acrylic color coat, how important is dampproofin More

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Block-Laying Basics

Masonry techniques aren't hard to learn and can be valuable on small jobs More

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