Concrete Blocks

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Innovative Products 2006

Our annual pick of products designed to help you work smarter, faster, and better. More

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Building A Block Foundation

Instead of subcontracting the work, invest in a few masonry tools and put your own... More

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How to Dismantle a 400-Year-Old Fireplace

There is currently a major expansion and remodeling program taking place at the... More

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Building Brick Stairs

A long-lasting set of masonry steps starts with a solid base and includes good... More

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Hurricanes: Why Stucco Walls Got Wet

Designs, methods, codes, and workmanship all played a role in Florida’s soggy storm experience. More


Space Savers - Composite Shingles - Engineered Opening - Outlet Energy Block -... More

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Installing a Wide Door In a Tall Brick Wall

In this renovation, engineered steel braces support a solid brick wall from the... More

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Code change would allow unvented attics; builder costs rise as boom continues; new... More

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Retrofitting a Window Into a Block Foundation

Q: I need to install a basement egress window in a concrete-block foundation wall.... More

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Ventilation vs. Eaves Blocking in Seismic Zones

Detailed properly, eaves blocking can maintain shear strength and still provide... More

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