Concrete Curing

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Solution for Crumbling Concrete

Before attempting to repair a failed concrete surface, you have to first figure... More

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Pouring a Slab for a Front Porch

Last week we decided as a company to change gears due to COVID-19. Here at Pioneer... More

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Exposing the Aggregate

The process we’ve used in years past was to wait long enough for the concrete to set up before getting on it and using a garden hose and broom to lightly hos... More

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Pouring an Exposed-Aggregate Slab for a Front Porch

Watch Tim (he's a framer, by the way) Uhler pour a concrete slab porch. Then he... More

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Control Joints in Concrete Slabs ... Are They Needed?

Cracks in concrete are unavoidable, but contraction and expansion joints can help... More

Out of the Chute

Few places in construction are mistakes harder to correct than the surface of a... More

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Placing Concrete in Hot Weather

It's critical not to let concrete dry out as it is curing; just how long to keep... More

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Tips for Crack-Free Concrete Slabs

For a high-quality slab, prepping the base and proper layout of control joints are... More

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Casting Concrete Countertops

Use this shop-fabricated approach to concrete countertops to improve quality and cut installation time from days to hours. More

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Grouting Ceramic Tile

A master tilesetter shows how to select, mix, and apply grout for a longlasting... More

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