Concrete Slabs and Floors

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Insulating Flooring Underlayment

QuietBoard can be used over concrete to support floating vinyl plank, laminate,... More

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Glossy Concrete Epoxy

Use the coating on bare floors or previously coated ones to create a durable finish. More

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Moisture Testing 101

Longtime wood flooring pro and inspector Tim McCool explains the details on how to... More

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Steel-Alternative Rebar

Compared with steel, this glass-fiber-reinforced composite rebar has more tensile... More

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Awesome Framers: Project 171, Episode 2

Follow Tim Uhler and his crew as they frame portal walls and the floor system for... More

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Installing Endless Pools

How an atypical backyard upgrade resulted in a new profit center for a California... More

More From Concrete Surfaces
Bull Float, Fresno, or Trowel?

To avoid surface defects when placing a concrete slab, learn which finishing tool... More

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Mixing Concrete for a 15-Foot-Square Slab

The trick to pouring a large slab by yourself is to form it into smaller sections. More

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Pouring a High-Performance Concrete Slab

How site preparation, insulation, vapor barrier, a proper mix, and curing all work... More

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Cure for a Bulging Brick Foundation

How Jake Lewandowski stabilized an old brick basement wall using vertical I-beams... More

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