Concrete Strength

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Better Concrete Garage Floors

Ten tips for pouring stronger, crack-free concrete slabs. More

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Best Mix for Pumped Concrete

Why ready-mix plants add extra sand, special aggregate, air-entraining agents, and... More

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Glass Tile and Kerdi Membranes

The manufacturer of the glass tile my client chose for her shower recommends that... More

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All-in-one flashing panel; spray-foam insulation; shower seat; lightweight steel beams; grass driveway mats; push-fit fittings; more More

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Building With Precast Concrete Panels

Produce industrial-strength energy-efficient homes with hollow-core planks and... More

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On Site With Pervious Concrete

Stormwater runoff flows right through this porous concrete pavement. More

Concrete Countertops

Twenty-five years ago concrete countertops were the domain of artisan contractors... More

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Shimming with Cellular PVC

Does PVC trim have enough compressive strength to be used as a shim between a... More

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Replacing a Beach-House Foundation

A modified mat slab saved this cottage from the sea. More

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Code change would allow unvented attics; builder costs rise as boom continues; new... More

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