Concrete Subgrade

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Mixing Concrete for a 15-Foot-Square Slab

The trick to pouring a large slab by yourself is to form it into smaller sections. More

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Subgrade Tolerances for Insulated Concrete Slabs

The thicker the insulation, the more important a level subgrade is to prevent the... More

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Super-Insulated Slab Foundations

Compacted drainage stone and a thick layer of foam prevent frost damage and keep... More

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Lowering a Basement Floor

Gaining an extra foot or two of headroom in a basement isn’t easy, but it can... More

That Thang Is Leanin
Crack-Free Slabs

One word describes successful concrete work: consistency. Exercise the same level... More

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Compacting Stump Holes

I'm about to pour a slab on a site where several stumps were removed, leaving 2- and 3-foot-deep holes about 4 feet across. The backhoe operator went ahead and filled in the holes with dirt from the site (sandy loam, pretty good stuff), drove over them a More

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Q&A: Is It Necessary to Compact Slab Sub-Base?

Q. We need to pour a 24x24-foot concrete slab for an attached garage next to a... More

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Q&A: Garage Slab Drainage

Q. How should a garage slab be sloped for drainage toward the overhead door? At 1/4 inch per foot on a 24x26-foot foundation, the height difference from front to back would be more than 6 inches. Do I need to grade the sand and gravel sub-base at the same slope so the slab can have a uniform 4-inch thickness? More

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Radon Vent Retrofit

A radon remediation contractor shows how to install vent pipes beneath a slab to... More

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