Concrete Texture and Stamping

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Craftsmanship of Concrete - Board Formed Walls

the house we are building has alot of board formed concrete walls. I thought I'd... More

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Cast-In-Place Concrete Counters

Forming concrete counters on-site requires careful preparation and perfect timing.... More

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Decorative Floors With Polymer Overlays

Thin polymer-modified cement toppings allow this contractor to produce decorative... More

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Decorative Concrete

Why settle for the standard gray stuff? Today's concrete can be treated to... More

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Specialty Finishes for Concrete Slabs

Exposed concrete slabs don’t have to look dull and gray. Here’s how to use dyes and stains, stamped patterns, and exposed aggregate to create an attractive and durable finished slab. More

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Builder's Library - Classy Concrete

Classy Concrete More

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