Construction Safety

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Recognizing And Managing Heat Stress

As summer comes on full force, here's what you need to know about reducing the... More

A Better Pair of Ladders

Tim Uhler checks out a combo step/extension ladder, and a ladder with a built-in... More

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New Tools From STAFDA

From a unique workbench to a powerful cordless chainsaw, here are 15 new tools... More

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Can You Use HVAC Filters in Coronavirus Masks?

Allison Bailes weighs in on beefing up your home-sewn coronavirus mask with a... More

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Working Around COVID-19: A JLC Resource

As cases continue to surge, here's up-to-date guidance for building professionals... More

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Better Jobsite Protection for Remodels

Dust control techniques and equipment that will protect both workers and clients (... More

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An Eye-Opening Test of Safety Glasses

Can safety glasses prevent a nail shot from a nail gun held a foot away from your... More

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How to Safely Shut Down a Construction Site

The coronavirus is forcing many construction companies to suspend operations on... More

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What Builders Need to Know About Dealing With the Coronavirus

Matt Risinger and his wife Christy - who is a physician - talk about the measures that his construction company has adopted to minimize risks associated with the coronavirus while trying to maintain their production schedule and avoid spreading COVID-19. More

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