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Estimating: From Yellow Pad to Excel Spreadsheet

As your business grows, you'll need to develop an estimating system that does more... More

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Sub vs. Employee: The Benefits and Challenges of Working with Subcontractors

Continuing uncertainty in the current business environment has reinforced many... More

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Creating Value

Beverly Koehn, of Beverly Koehn & Assoc., discusses the value of manufacturers... More

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Myths, Mistakes and Misconceptions in Making Money

Alan Hanbury, Jr., CGR, CAPS, GMR, CGP ofHouse of Hanbury Builders, recounts the... More

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Reading Your Client from Curb to Kitchen

Home improvement industry consultant Dennis Schaefer highlights the key points... More

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Bigger Results with Smaller Costs

Consultant for the home improvement industry Dennis Schaefer discusses how... More

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Melanie Hodgdon outlines the opportunities and pitfalls of diversification. She... More

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The Last 10%: The Punch List and Avoiding Callbacks

The final phases of any project is a make-or-break proposition. In this segment,... More

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Facebook for Your Business

Leslie Shiner, a business consultant to the building industry, discusses how to... More

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