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Stainless Steel, Salt, and...Corrosion?

Yes, stainless steel isn't stain-free, but there's a difference between staining... More

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Evaluating Galvanized Deck Ledger Lag Screws

When checking for rust, examine both the lag screws and the fastener holes for... More

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Should We Worry About Rusty Rebar?

Concrete footings and foundations contact ground water, so why doesn't the rebar... More

BRANZ Study Focuses on Fastener Corrosion

Should we be switching to stainless steel? Recent New Zealand research suggests... More

Strong-Tie Structural Engineering Blog
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Best Nails for Drywall

If you use nails to attach drywall, be sure that they are up to code. More

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Hardware corrosion from PT lumber; upside-down beam design More

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Choosing Entry-Door Hardware

For the best door security, install a deadbolt, reinforce the strike plate and tie it into the frame, and use forged, hardened, and corrosion-resistant lock components. More

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Q&A: ACQ-Treated Wood and Fastener Corrosion

Q: Does ACQ-treated wood contribute to accelerated corrosion of galvanized fasteners? More

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Q&A: Low Flows and Waste Lines

Q: Do low-flow toilets generate enough water to carry solids through the soil pipe to the city sewage line or the septic system? With so little water being flushed, my concern is that in older homes with cast iron pipes, corrosion in the pipe may catch the solids and cause blockage. More

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