Customer Satisfaction

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When a Customer Tries to Destroy Your Company

A cautionary tale about a client who resorted to damaging her own floor to make... More

Manage Customer Expectations

Watch and learn how Bay Area Contracting uses video to improve the customer... More

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As Best I Can

What one special client taught me about quality work and a job well done More

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Three Skills That Yield The Highest Customer Satisfaction
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Is Painting Like Leftovers in the Fridge?

Blogger Scott Burt opines about the some of the challenges facing painters and all... More

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Lessons From the Corporate World

Imagine two builders. Builder No. 1 is an experienced project manager who decides to start his own business. His technical skills are finely honed, he knows how to manage a crew and schedule, and he builds homes that customers love. But a few years after hanging out his shingle he is still struggling financially. More

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Strictly Business: The Nice Customer Niche

Finding and keeping nice clients More

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Strictly Business: Get It in Writing

Writing letters could save you a heap of trouble More

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Strictly Business: Striving for Satisfied Clients

Gaining satisfied customers More

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