Customer Service

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What is the True Value of a Contractor’s Presence on the Job Site?

Establish lasting customer relationships, solidify a hard-earned reputation and... More

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Three Ways Pros Can Boost Efficiency in their Business

Homeowner insights show communication, partnership and technology are keys to... More

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The Rebirth of the Deadbolt Lock

Modern multi-point lock systems run circles around old-school predecessors. More

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Builder Round Table: Conflict Resolution

Jake, Jackson, Shane and Luke tell us how they've learned to avoid major conflicts... More

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Build Round Table: Conflict Resolution

In this week’s UBIP, Jake Bruton is joined by a small group of builders to discuss conflict resolution. Follow along as Jackson Andrews, Luke Mann, and Shane... More

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Being Exceptional in a Distrustful World

Why it pays to be clear about what your client can expect after the work is done... More

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Facing Down Remodeling Stigmas

Too often, the lowest bidder sets the standard for what a job should cost, but... More

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When a Customer Tries to Destroy Your Company

A cautionary tale about a client who resorted to damaging her own floor to make... More

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Using Mock-Ups to Make Better Design Decisions

How one company communicates with clients, subs, and crew members using full-scale... More

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