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Durable Circular Saw Blade

The blade's thin-kerf carbide teeth can cut through nail-embedded wood and... More

Mini Form Buster Pry Bar

Tim Uhler checks out a good pry bar, a must-have tool for any framer. More

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Adding a Rooftop Deck

Removing this home's attic was the key to gaining more outdoor living space and... More

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Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades

Spyder claims the 8%-cobalt composition resists shattering and heat-related damage. More

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Surgical Demolition

Patience and precision are required to take woodwork apart without destroying it. More

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Renovators Discover 66 Bottles of Whisky Hidden in Upstate NY Home

The bottles were stashed in the floors and walls of a 105-year-old fixer-upper,... More

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Roof Demo by Crane

Cutting an old roof up in sections and lifting it away is often faster and safer... More

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A Better Demolition Tool System

Artillery Tools demolition sets have interchangeable blades, handles, and fulcrums... More

Wrecking Bar Roundup

Learn about the specialized wrecking bars that deck pros use to efficiently... More

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Super Clean Demo

Demolition of a master suite while the client remains in the house? The crew at NS Builders walks us through their process. More

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