Goldblatt RamRod Impact Tool

This spring-loaded hand tool breaks brick, concrete, asphalt, tile, and other... More

Shape Shifting Prybar

It's great when you can see someone demonstrate a tool, and without them saying a word — know exactly how cool it is. More

Hammer + Prybar

The True Temper 30-inch Claw Bar looks like a cross between a framing hammer and a... More

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Easy Demolition With Ecobust

Products editor Lauren Hunter visits with Ecobust, a new environmentally friendly... More

Stanley Tools Maximum Demo Tool

When demolition goes beyond prying (and when doesn't it?), there's the new Stanley... More

2010 Editor's Choice: Nail Kicker Denailer

With more and more emphasis placed on salvaging building materials for reuse and... More

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Duck Prybar Adjustable Wrecking Bar

What sets the Duck Prybar apart from other testosterone-fueled wrecking bars are... More

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