Design Contracts

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Bulletproof Sales Contracts

How to write a thorough and complete contract that will help avoid hassles during and after the job. More

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Taking Design From Loss Leader to Profit Center

How making your design team a more valuable part of your design/build company can... More

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Settling Construction Disputes

As a contractor, you have a 1 in 4 chance that a lawsuit will be filed against you. More

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What is a 'Time Is of the Essence' Provision?

One way to enforce performance deadlines with your subs is to include a "time is... More

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Correcting Construction Contracts

Can a mistake related to a contract be corrected? It depends on who makes the error and how it affects the agreement. More

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Requirements for Filing a Lien

Attorney Patrick Barthet clarifies the requirements for filing a mechanic's lien based on a recent court case. More

Supporting a Deck With a Retaining Wall

Instead of bearing on traditional footings, the outer edge of this deck hangs from... More

Ins and Outs of Mechanic's Liens

Ins and outs of mechanic’s liens More

Contract Language Is Key to Avoiding Litigation

Putting everything in writing, from scope to payment schedule, helps make expectations clear More

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Are Your Contracts Bulletproof?

Effective July 1, 2009, the state of Pennsylvania will require a written contract for nearly every construction task in or around a residence — even minor repair work like repainting or reroofing. More

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