Drywall Tools

Senco DS212 18-Volt Li-Ion Auto-Feed Screwdriver

Collated screws go in faster and leave a hand free for holding or positioning the... More

Bosch Dimpler Drywall Driver

Drywall guns are great, but maybe you don't need one if you only hang rock... More

Bosch SG182 Cordless Drywall Gun

This brushless driver is said to provide corded performance without the cord and... More

Can’t Get It Here: Bizarre Drywall Cutting Track Saw

Utility knives? Bah! Those are for Americans. We Europeans use power saws! More

Bostitch SF150C

This pneumatic coil nailer is designed for fastening plywood and gypsum sheathing... More

Fixing the Chinese Drywall Disaster

Carelessness led to Florida’s problems with defective Chinese drywall. More

Bill Bans Use of Sulfur-Tainted Drywall

Congress passed a bill that limits the amount of sulfur allowed in drywall and directs the administration to press Chinese manufacturers to compensate victims of tainted Chinese wallboard products. More

Swanson Savage Jab Saw (SVK666) two-position jab-saw blade

The Swanson Savage Jab Saw (SVK666) is the Swiss army knife of the drywall trade. More

New Tools and Gear from JLC LIVE

No one likes drywall dust, work wear that falls apart, or underlayment caps that must be nailed by hand. More

Solo Drywall Hanging - Russian Style

I don't speak Russian so I can't tell you what this guy is saying but if you watch the video you'll get the gist of his clever jig for boarding a ceiling without a helper. More

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