Electrical Codes

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Wiring an EV Charger

Any electrician who has wired an outlet for an electric stove or dryer can easily... More

Paper Tools

Glenn Mathewson offers up a tool that could save you time with your building... More

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Installing Can Lights in an Eaves Soffit

With the right fixtures, you shouldn't have a problem. More

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Wiremold Floor Box
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What's an Electrical 'Pigtail', and When Do You Need One?

Though not mentioned in the code, a pigtail serves an important function that you... More

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Ceiling Can Rough-In

An electrician explains how to install the most common permanent light fixture... More

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Move to Stamp Out ‘Ghost Permits’ Tests Capital’s Remodelers
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Better Rough-In Wiring

A neat and orderly installation makes it easier to determine what any circuit is... More

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