Energy-Efficient Construction

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Understanding Dew Point

Dew point is a temperature, not a place, time, or event. More

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Can you heat a home with a tankless unit?

The promising combination of hydronic forced-air heating and propane tankless... More

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Threshold Technologies Minimize Callbacks on Entry Door Installations

Learn about three options for high-performance thresholds. More

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Air-Sealing Code Update

The 2021 model energy code is being hailed as the most significant change in... More

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A Practical Solar Home for a Cold Climate

A student team from the University of Colorado won the 2020 Solar Decathlon Build... More

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The Trouble With Attic Kneewalls

When a change of ceiling height or tray ceiling creates a short attic kneewall,... More

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Flash-and-Batt with T-Studs

Watch as Matt Risinger explains how he insulated walls framed with T-Studs with... More

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Controlling Humidity in a Spray-foamed Attic

Is installing a small bath fan in a conditioned attic an effective strategy for... More

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Can a Heat Pump Really Work in an Old Minnesota Home?

The answer is yes, but there are a few things you have to do first. More

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