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JLC LIVE Northwest 2014

Night before setup scenes from the floor of JLC LIVE Portland. More

History In Hand

Peter Liebhold must have a million tools. As the curator of the Division of Work... More

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Next - A Snap-On Addition?

Jigsaw-puzzle house More

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Hammer Museum

If you're feeling that hammers are beginning to seem sort of, well, last century,... More

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How to Dismantle a 400-Year-Old Fireplace

There is currently a major expansion and remodeling program taking place at the... More

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Backfill: Pipeline to the Past

Plumbing of the past More

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Backfill: The Fine Art of Dowsing

An updated look at the age-old art of dowsing. More

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Building With Style: The Role of Asymmetry in Building Design

Asymmetry and building design. More

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