Exterior Cladding

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Nailable Composite Stone Veneer

Installs with a standard finish nailer and stainless steel finish nails; no mortar... More

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Standing-Seam Metal Cladding

Staggering the lengths of the panels creates a shingled look. More

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Panelized Stone Cladding

Panels only weigh between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds per square foot. More

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Mineral-Based Composite Cladding

Similar in weight to PVC, these deck boards are now approved for use as cladding. More

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Making Open-Joint Siding Work

Michael Anschel has a practical recipe for an innovative 100+-year exterior... More

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How to Avoid Thin Stone Veneer Failures

Joe Lstiburek says that drainage gaps are the key to solving both rot problems and... More

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A Builder's Guide to Vinyl Siding

By using sound installation techniques and combining it with other low-maintenance... More

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