Insane Japanese Sill Joinery

Nothing against the skilled craftsman doing the work, but there’s something kind of crazy about putting this much effort into a sill. More

Spiral Stairs

SalterSpiralStair makes exterior stairs in either galvanized steel or... More

A Trip to an IDEAL Factory

Here’s a look inside the Illinois plant where hand tools, wire lube, and an... More

A Trip to the Socket Factory

See how sockets and ratchets are made at the SK Hand Tool plant in Sycamore,... More

A Strange Motorized Work Station

Part toolbox, part work bench, and part golf cart—this one-of-a-kind contraption is all incredible. More

Lateral Bracing for a Second-Story Deck

There are alternatives to using the lateral-load anchors described in the IRC, if... More

Mountain Laurel Railings

Custom-made mountain laurel railings add an artistic twist to a deck design More

Stone Paver Deck

Manufactured stone pavers are a durable, cost-effective alternative to wood and... More

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How to Build Cambered PVC Columns

A straight taper at the bottom transitions to a curve at the top, with a bow in... More

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Basic Pattern-Routing for Perfect Tread Returns

A veteran stairbuilder explains his technique for making tight glue joints in any... More

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