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A Better Whole-House HEPA Filtration Solution

Travis Brungardt provides practical guidance on installing an indoor air... More

Filter-free Air Scrubber

The Dust One air scrubber uses cyclonic technology to separate contaminants from... More

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Box Fan Air Cleaner Update

Allison Bailes takes a look at the long-term performance of his DIY whole-room air... More

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Retrofitting Forced-Air HVAC With High-MERV Filtration

Allison Bailes explains why you can’t just swap out a cheap fiberglass filter for... More

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Seeing Through the Fog of Covid-19 Info

Blue House Energy's top eight resources on ventilation and air filtration. More

Metabo ASR 35 ACP Dust Extractor

This dual filter self-cleaning model can collect very fine dust without clogging. More

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Panned Bays

Is it OK to use a joist bay for a return-air plenum in an HVAC system? More

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BuildClean Dust Control

This dust-control system pulls air through two filters at a rate of 36,000 cubic... More

Fein Redesigns Its Turbo Dust Extractors

The name of this new line of vacuums may be familiar, but the form factor and... More

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