Out of the Chute

Few places in construction are mistakes harder to correct than the surface of a... More

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Choosing Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring looks better than ever and is easy to install, but you have to... More

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Floating a Mud Bed for Ceramic Tile

When it comes to flattening an old, irregular floor, there's still nothing like mud. More

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Quick hanger for heavy loads; vent-boot for the color conscious; solar-activated attic fan; spray-on roof patch; foundation crack repair kit; mortarless retaining wall; clear cement caulk; sound-reducing underlayment; premolded skylight curb flashing; more More

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Top Quality Three-Coat Stucco

A veteran stucco contractor and industry expert describes the ingredients that... More

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Skim-Coat Plaster

A thin coat of plaster over gypsum blueboard provides the hard, durable,... More

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Floating Floor Options

Floating floors offer some advantages over conventional hardwood strip flooring: They’re more dimensionally stable, come prefinished, and because they’re laminated, are available in wood species that would be cost-prohibitive in full-thickness flooring. Here’s a survey of what’s available. More

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Grouting Ceramic Tile

A master tilesetter shows how to select, mix, and apply grout for a longlasting... More

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Faster Drywall Finishing with No-Coat

If you finish your own drywall on small jobs, these innovative corner tapes could... More

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Mortar Bed Shower Floors

Curbed tile shower pans have to be watertight. A veteran tile contractor shows how... More

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