Floor Flatness and Levelness

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Avoiding Common Construction Defects

Industry pros talk about what to look out for and offer tips and techniques for... More

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How to Marry a New Floor to an Old One for Tile

To avoid flexing that will crack the tile, bridge the joint between the old and... More

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Controlling Floor Vibration

A floor system that complies with the IRC's deflection limits can still feel... More

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A Flush-Framed Floor to Maximize Space

How replacing a dropped beam and brick pier with steel beams and microlams helped... More

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Warming Up a Stone Tile Floor

Before laying tile, this crew cleaned and primed the new slab floor and installed... More

Getting Into Hardscaping

Expand your deck business by partnering with a patio contractor More

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Lineup of Linear Shower Drains

An installer's look at a selection of current products More

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Prepping for Outdoor Patio Tile Installation

Detail the substrate properly for a long-lasting floor. More

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Craftsman-Style Newel and Railing

A veteran stair builder explains how he built a unique newel and railing system on... More

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JLC May Letters

Tips for soldering a lap seam; the usefulness of the GRK lap harness; and the future of vocational training. More

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