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Homeowners seek heating oil alternatives amid rising prices

Propane suppliers are working closely with builders and remodelers to heat homes... More

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The Central vs Dedicated Return Vent Debate

One of these HVAC designs can result in better air flow and filtration, and it's... More

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17 Steps to Better Duct Systems

Learn how to design and install better HVAC ducts from Allison Bailes, a physicist... More

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Air Conditioning for Humid Climates

Air-sealing, right-sizing, and smart controls are the keys More

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Panned Bays

Is it OK to use a joist bay for a return-air plenum in an HVAC system? More

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Can a UV Lamp Improve Indoor Air?

UV-C light is germicidal, but how effective is it at preventing microbial... More

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Cordless Jobsite Forced-Air Heater

Warm up to 800 square feet for up to 12 hours with this portable propane unit. More

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Vent-Pipe Boot Repair

Instead of ripping out and replacing a leaking pipe boot, try a noninvasive... More

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Retrofitting a Heat-Recovery Ventilator

The challenges are finding a good place for the unit and installing the ductwork without butchering interior finishes. More

Ductwork That Works

Air distribution is the weak link in many heating and cooling systems. Good... More

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