Kreg Foreman Pocket Hole Machine

The DB210 makes pocket holes faster and more easily than jigs requiring the use of... More

Safety is Personal

A business owner learns a huge hard lesson when one of his workers is seriously hurt on the job. More

Faster Job-Site Joinery

You might be familiar with pocket screws, but what do you know about corrugated... More

Kreg DB210 Pocket-Hole Machine

This new version of the Foreman is lighter, more compact, and half the cost of the... More

What’s the Best Trade?

CareerCast just released a list of the top 200 careers for 2014—many of them in the trades. More

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New York City Hopefuls Line Up For Union Carpentry Slots

A shot at membership in the Carpenters Union was enough to keep people camped out... More

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Upgrading a Pocket-Hole Jig

Q: Recently I discovered that my faithful Kreg pocket-hole jig somehow got "lost" on my last job site. I want to replace it. Is upgrading to the Foreman pocket-hole cutter worthwhile, or should I just stick with the same jig? More

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A Simple Job-Site Notebook

Easy access to all job documents is the key to bringing projects in on budget and on time. A project manager tells how he organizes the paperwork so that critical job information is always available on site. More

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Strictly Business: From Mechanic to Manager

The makings of a good project manager More

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Managing for Maximum Productivity

Small changes in both the office and the field can lead to greater efficiency and bigger profits. A veteran remodeling contractor tells how he boosted his company’s productivity without spending a lot of time and money. More

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