Right-Sizing Deck Beams

Mike Guertin breaks down how to read the new code tables and adjustments for... More

Replacing a Balcony Floor

Manny Silva breaks down how he floated a new meranti floor over an EPDM membrane... More

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Laminated vs. Solid-Sawn Column: Which is Stronger?

Is a post built with three 2x6s nailed together the structural equivalent of a 6x6... More

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Fitting Insulation Batts in I-joist Floor and Steel Stud Wall Framing

Insulation contractor Nathan Shirai runs down the many insulation batt sizes for... More

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A Framing Trick for Retrofitting a Wide Door

Gary Striegler breaks down how his crew laminated a long beam to the inside of an... More

Installing a Polycarbonate Patio Cover

How a Texas builder built a freestanding pergola, then covered it with a... More

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Guidance to Compliance: Navigating IRC Wall Bracing Requirements

Handy tools and resources to help builders navigate current code requirements to... More

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Lightweight Deck Trusses

Double-threaded screws form the web and keep the pressure-treated chords flat. More

Quicker Stair Stringer Support

Pylex screw piles can be installed by hand, and might let you skip the concrete. More

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Understanding Shear Wall Construction

Watch as Tim Uhler breaks down everything you need to know about building shear walls. More

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