The 4-Hour Deck

How a North Dakota deck builder builds modular deck sections in his shop, then... More

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Helpful Tools for Building Resilient, Code-Compliant Wall Systems

From resiliency and energy efficiency to simplified siding and trim attachment,... More

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Deep Structural Retrofit

Jake Lewandowski explains how he remedied a home's rotted frame by completely... More

Diagonal Bracing on an Elevated Deck

Here's how to brace the corner posts, and why you shouldn't brace those... More

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Working Smarter, Not Harder

Veteran carpenter John Spier's top 8 work habits and principles shared by... More

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Placing a Concrete Slab Over Living Space

Tim Uhler on the framing and waterproofing details needed to locate a garage on... More

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Rules For Nailing Studs to Plates

Don Dunkley provides a wise interpretation of current codes affecting nails in... More

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Fight Ledger Failure

4 Common Mistakes to Avoid During Ledger Board Installation More

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Common Framing Errors

A new resource guide from APA–The Engineered Wood Association is designed to help... More

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Helping Rebuild Notre Dame

This Vermont timber-framer is helping to restore the fire-damaged roof trusses of... More

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