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Lightweight Deck Trusses

Double-threaded screws form the web and keep the pressure-treated chords flat. More

Quicker Stair Stringer Support

Pylex screw piles can be installed by hand, and might let you skip the concrete. More

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Understanding Shear Wall Construction

Watch as Tim Uhler breaks down everything you need to know about building shear walls. More

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Should We Be Building Decks With Oversized Framing?

Mike Guertin says that “up-sizing” deck joists so that they exceed code... More

Tags: Framing, IRC, Decks
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Code-Listed Hurricane Tie

The U-shaped tie holds a rafter or truss on both sides, providing lateral load... More

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Repairing a Termite-Damaged House

Fixing the trail of destruction left by these hungry critters is a team effort. More

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Easy Siding and Trim Attachment with Wood Structural Panels

A builder’s guide for using wood panel sheathing as a simple, code-compliant nail... More

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A Modern Approach to Balloon Framing

How a short-handed crew streamlines wall building and keeps projects on schedule More

Right-Sizing Deck Joists

Mike Guertin deciphers the ‘Maximum Deck Joist Span’ table in the 2021 IRC. More

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GuardDog Exterior Wood Screws

Approved for use with ACQ and CA-B, as well as cedar and redwood. More

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