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Orange County Lanai

This extensive outdoor living project included a stucco-clad patio cover, large... More

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Mass-Timber Fasteners

From Simpson Strong-Tie, 10mm screws with a yellow-zinc coating. More

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Moving More Than Walls to Open Up Space

Maintaining the load path is part of the challenge, but so is efficiently... More

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Beam Stress and Strain: A Lesson in Statics

Clayton DeKorne explains how beams are governed by five principal factors that... More

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How to Use a Framing Square to Lay Out an Octagon

John Carroll explains how to read that obscure scale hidden in plain sight on the... More

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The Frame Game — The Best Frame for Every Door

Innovations in exterior door frames and technologies have changed the game for... More

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Evaluating Galvanized Deck Ledger Lag Screws

When checking for rust, examine both the lag screws and the fastener holes for... More

Building a Rock-Solid Outdoor Kitchen

Manufactured stone veneer cladding over standard wood framing gives this elevated... More

Dropping the Deck Ledger

Glenn Mathewson explains how to frame a deck that is flush with the first floor... More

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Building a ‘Removable’ Deck

How an engineered design with unusually beefy cantilevered beams allowed part of... More

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