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2018 Tool Gifts for Dads

No matter what trade he's in, here are a few ideas to help celebrate this Father's... More

An Electrician's Tool Bag Setup

An electrician runs through his everyday setup, including his favorites for... More

New Tools From Milwaukee 2018

Here's a quick look at the latest tools shown at the Milwaukee New Product... More

The Ultimate Deck Board Clamp

Pull stubborn boards together using the power of a drill. More

How Many Chalk Lines Is Too Many?

Remodeling contractor and JLC contributor Mike Guertin has 21 chalk lines. Is that too many? More

Fast Hand-Held Mortiser

How fast can you cut 2-inch-by-6-inch-deep mortises into Douglas fir? More

Upfitting an HVAC Tool Bag

Are HVAC technicians the most well-organized of the trades? More

JLC Live 2018: New Tools Part 2

Jordan Smith of the Build show takes a look at the latest and greatest tools from... More

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