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Ensō It Is
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Modern Bath Vanity Finish
Tags: Bath, Furniture
Table for Two

Accent lighting is provided by a recessed LED fixture tucked under the granite top... More

A Ginormous Belt Sander

I used to work for a furniture maker and one of my favorite tools in his shop was an ancient stationary belt sander – a giant version of what you get when you turn a belt sander upside down and clamp it to the bench. More

The Ultimate Toolbox

What happens when you cross a toolbox with an electric wheel chair? More

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Building Safer Decks

Decks have seen little attention from building codes over the years, despite the... More

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Stair-Builder's Tool Kit

For short cash and a little effort, you’ll save lots of time on your next handrail... More

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Tool Test: 12-Inch Chop Saws

You won't go wrong with any of these tools, but vertical cutting capacity,... More

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