Grinding and Grooving

The Largest Cordless Grinder in the World

Here’s a closer look at Metabo’s new cordless 9-inch angle grinder, which runs off... More

Metabo Flat Head Angle Grinders

This line of low-profile angle grinders is ideal for metalworkers who need to... More

Behind the Scenes with Bosch in Germany

Last summer at the annual Bosch power tools media event, I received the good news... More

Tools Up Close: RotoZip ZipSaw

About a year ago, Tools of the Trade sent me a ZipSaw, a grinder-based cutoff saw... More

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Dust Collector for Hand-Held Grinders

The DustBuddie is a clear plastic shroud that replaces the factory guard on most... More

Launch Time 2010: Makita Angle Grinder

A new Paddle Switch 4-1/2-inch Angle Grinder (GA4534) features a small-diameter (2... More

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Restoring a 200-Year Old Windmill

Keeping the 14 all-wood grain-grinding beauties that are still standing on... More

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