Grounds, Parks and Roadside Maintenance

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Texas Ditch Surfing

Entrepreneurs explore the non-navigable waters of Texas. More

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A $1.8M Tear Down

A $1.8 million waterfront house built on the wrong lot must be removed More

Compared to Dave Kloke’s Hobby, Your Hobby is Lame

Would you have the tools and know-how to build an1860s locomotive from scratch? More

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Some Homeowners At Odds With Contractors Over Sandy Rebuilding Work

In any major disaster, some repair and rebuilding jobs result in disputes. Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey is no exception. More

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Government Shutdown To Hamper Hurricane Sandy Recovery

The deadlock in Washington means more trouble for Hurricane Sandy victims. More

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Sandy-Damaged Wiring Caused Boardwalk Fire

The fire that wreaked havoc on a section of New Jersey boardwalk was sparked by... More

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Boston Harbor Lighthouse Gets A New Owner, And A Future

Special-effects expert Dave Waller has a new project to keep him busy in his spare time: restoring and preserving a historic lighthouse at the outer edge of the Boston Harbor. More

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Deck Failures Make The News

The drumbeat of deck collapses continues as the summer party season wears on. More

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Fire Sprinkler Debate: Still Smoldering

Firefighters and home builders are still at odds over the issue of proposed code... More

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