High-Performance Building

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Working With Flexible Flashing

Some contractors still don’t understand how to get the most out of these products.... More

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A Tale of Two Hazards

There are no clear policies for the two biggest IAQ hazards - carbon monoxide and... More

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Insulating Cathedral Ceilings

JLC executive editor Clayton DeKorne explores some practical solutions to prevent... More

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Buried and Encapsulated Ducts

Encapsulating ducts with at least 1 1/2 inches of closed-cell spray foam... More

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The Green Police Debate on HRV vs. ERV

Michael Anschel, CEO of Verified Green, and Carl Seville, owner of Seville... More

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Builder's Guide to Windows

There are more than 100 million homes and approximately 20 billion square feet of... More

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High-Performance Homes on a Budget

Well-thought-out details make energy-efficient houses both attractive and affordable. More

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High-Tech Insulation

Nanogel material can be mixed with plaster and stucco to improve thermal efficiency. More

SiteLines: Changing of the Guard

The legacy of this magazine is based on our expertise, editorial independence,... More

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A Cost-Effective Energy Retrofit

With careful air-sealing and the right insulation details, a leaky older home... More

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