Historic Preservation

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Learning From the Past

Brent Hull builds a strong case for why we should study the work of past carpenters. More

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California’s Forgotten ‘Big One’

The earthquake that devastated California's Fort Tejon in 1857 was one of the... More

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A New Copper Top

A Cape Cod contractor takes an innovative approach to replace the tapered... More

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Mind the Drip

Joe Lstiburek explains how kerfs and drip edges play key roles in a building's... More

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New Life for an Old Porch

How a Wisconsin construction company matched existing details while repairing a... More

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Dating Historic Structures

How dendrochronology (the study of tree ring growth patterns) is used to find the... More

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A Two-Phase Seismic Retrofit

How a California contractor reinforced roof-to-wall and truss-to-post connections... More

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Preserving a Stone Retaining Wall

The key to keeping this retaining wall from collapsing was to pour a new... More

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Not-quite Historic Preservation

When a hidden note was discovered on an old plaster wall, special skills were... More

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