Homeless Housing

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Haven for Homeless Homes

When a northeast storm cut a new opening through a barrier beach in the Cape Cod... More

3x21-Inch Belt Sanders

Beads of sweat collect on my brow whenever I hand out belt sanders during the boat building classes I teach. In the wrong hands these powerful tools can easily do more damage?like sanding through the hull of a boat in seconds?than good. The same is true for belt sanders on the jobsite. A racing abrasive belt under a rookie's guidance might spell disaster for those built-ins, stair parts, or custom oak doors. After years of using these tools for installing finish work and building boats, I've learned that getting a good, flat finish is about control, and control comes from skill, experience, and good tool design. More

Pneumatic Nailers for Framing Hardware

Rookie framers always get stuck with the worst work, like cutting out doorplates and knocking down braces. They also get stuck doing work that's just plain miserable, like nailing off joist hangers. Anyone who's ever been sent into the dungeon to back-nail hangers knows what I'm talking about: trying to drive tiny nails in a confined space over your head. Pneumatic nailer manufacturers, however, seem to have heard our prayers (and curses), and are building tools that make the task of installing framing hardware faster and easier. More

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Creating a Sense of Shelter on a Large Lot

Tips on how to design and orient a house and outbuildings to create protected... More

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Resources: The Inner House

Patterns of Home and Habitat for Humanity's How to Build a House More

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Strictly Business: Trouble-Free Building Inspections

Cooperating with your building inspector More

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Asphalt shingle recycling, crown molding tip, on the durability of vinyl siding, how to enter the building trades More

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Watershed defects lawsuit hits California courts, fastest house ever built, vinyl siding overtakes wood, foam form research underway More

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By Design: Affordable Lessons

Refining affordable house plans More

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