Industrial Projects

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Using Corrugated Metal for Shower Walls

It seems like a reasonable idea...until you actually have to build it. Here's how... More

A Peek Inside a Cabinet Factory

Hidden inside Wood-Mode’s one million square feet of factory space is a smaller... More

A Peek inside a 1950s Prefab Housing Factory

Using a mix of familiar and not-so-familiar tools and machines, workers at this Indiana plant could prefab a house in 7 minutes. More

A Peek Inside the Wilde Tool Factory

A tool store manager turns to film making in this video of pliers, cold chisels,... More

Klein Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant

Lube in a spray can: A slick product that promises to make the electrician’s life... More

A Decked Out Dump Trailer

With the right setup, a dump trailer can haul almost anything that needs to come... More

Surprising Facts About Bits and Blades

Accessories have a higher profit margin than power tools and are consumable – so... More

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Taming Butt Joints

Have to finish your own drywall? You may want to take a look at this tool. More

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