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Protection for Foundation Insulation

Joe Lstiburek offers protection details you can use when wrapping a foundation... More

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Airtight, Watertight Continuous Insulation

A vapor-permeable WRB is laminated to the rigid insulation panel for a two-in-one... More

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Wood-Mimicking Vinyl Siding

EverPlank has a wood-grain texture and a foam insulation backing. More

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Retrofit Air-sealing

Phil Armand describes the tools, materials, and methods he uses to air-seal leaky... More

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Continuous Insulation Wood Fiber Board

A new softwood-fiber insulation panel promises R-3.4 to R-3.75 per inch. More

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Traditional Siding for a Hemp Home

Clad with cedar shingles, this Cape Cod home has a hempline core. More

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Air-Sealing an Ice-Prone Home

Chris West troubleshoots an ice damming problem in a Cape-style home, a common... More

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R-12 Duct Wrap

The fiberglass insulation comes in 48- and 60-inch widths. More

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R-Value Creates Confusion. Let's Change That

How much more insulation should you add to a wall? R-value doesn't help you answer... More

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Trouble-free EIFS

Doug Horgan reports on the three most common EIFS installation errors, and the... More

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