As Tropical Storm Fizzles, Record Rain Floods Charleston

A sudden deluge dumped six inches on the Lowcountry, flooding some residents out of their homes. More

Flooded Homeowners Wary of FEMA Claim Review Offer

Homeowners who have been through the flood insurance claims process once are proving reluctant to try again. More

New York City Disputes FEMA Floodplain Maps

Thousands of homes have been misclassified as having a 1% or greater annual flood risk, the city says. More

Could New Orleans Handle Another Katrina?

Experts question whether New Orleans is adequately protected. The city's rebuilt levees are designed for a "100-year" flood ... but Katrina was worse than that. More

Sandy Rebuilding Boosts a Modular Builder

When a house needs replacing on the insurance company dime, the speed and economy of modular offers an edge. More

Tough Talk on Flood from Departing FEMA Exec

Brad Kieserman, leaving as boss of FEMA’s National Flood Insurance Program after just a few months on the job, told a Congressional committee that the program needs a major overhaul. More

FEMA Sends First Batch of Sandy Flood Insurance Claim Review Letters

As promised, FEMA has begun to offer homeowners a second chance to have their... More

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Are Flood Insurance Companies Still Covering Up?

Texas trial lawyer Steve Mostyn says a Travelers subsidiary, Standard Fire Insurance, sat on controversial files for a year after a federal judge ordered the documents disclosed. More

FEMA To Ask Homeowners if they Want to Re-Open Sandy Flood Claims

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, taking ownership of widespread claims adjustment problems in the National Flood Insurance Program, will offer to re-open any flood insurance claim stemming from Hurricane Sandy, a New Jersey Congressman reports. More

Flood Insurance Rate Hikes Cause Confusion

Insurance agents say FEMA is hitting all beachfront policyholders with a $250-per-year rate increase that should only apply to second homes. More

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