Texas Coast Lawmakers Urge Windstorm Insurance Reform

Legislators from Texas coastal counties are taking another stab at reforming their state’s insurance programs to create security for hurricane-zone homeowners. More

Court Pauses Sandy Litigation as FEMA Moves to Settle

Hundreds of Hurricane Sandy flood insurance lawsuits may be moving toward settlement, as FEMA officials work at compromise following abuse revelations. More

FEMA Official Admits Fraud in Sandy Flood Cases

As lawyers maneuver, a FEMA official has conceded widespread fraud against flooded-out homeowners in the National Flood Insurance Program — and thousands more cases may be coming to light. More

Texas Trial Lawyer Mostyn Changing the Game in Sandy Insurance Battle

An engineering firm is raided by prosecutors, an insurance company offers a full payout, and FEMA looks to settle more than a thousand cases as lawyers for homeowners start to play hardball in the Sandy flood insurance fight. And this might be just the beginning. More

Sarasota Casts a Critical Eye on New FEMA Flood Maps

Sarasota, Florida has 90 days to challenge FEMA’s new flood-plain maps. More

Is Florida Ready for Cheaper Homeowners' Insurance?

Florida homeowners pay dearly to insure their properties. And some state officials say it’s time for that to change. More

Jersey Congressmen Look to Stop FEMA "Clawbacks"

FEMA says it overpaid some homeowners who got federal help after Hurricane Sandy. Now FEMA wants the money back — but two lawmakers say the government should lay off. More

Federal Judge Upholds Penalty on Sandy Flood Insurance Company Lawyers

Federal District Court Judge Joseph Bianco has reaffirmed a magistrate’s financial penalty on lawyers for a flood insurance carrier for concealing details of the back-office revision of field investigative reports into Hurricane Sandy coastal flooding damage claims. More

New York Opens Criminal Probe into Sandy Insurance Denials

The heat is still building on insurance companies and engineering firms accused of possible fraud in the re-writing of flood claim investigator reports. More

Insurance Companies Catch More Flak Over Sandy Case Handling

Insurance companies are facing political pressure and class-action lawsuits after a Federal case uncovered questionable flood insurance claims adjusting practices. More

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