New Jersey’s Flood Buyouts Happening Near Rivers, Not the Ocean

One of the ways FEMA tries to limit flood risk is by purchasing properties that flood too often and tearing them down, leaving the land undeveloped. New Jersey’s buyout program, backed by Federal money, is making progress — but not on the state’s heavily built-up coastal barrier islands. Instead, the New Jersey program is buying out and tearing down inland properties in low-lying river bottom land. More

Jersey Shore Recovery Update

New Jersey’s Brick Township is still working on shore protection and home elevation. More

Judge Slaps Insurance Company Lawyers in Sandy Flood Case

Are flood insurance carriers fudging homeowner claim paperwork after catastrophic storms? A federal magistrate in a Long Island Hurricane Sandy-related flood insurance lawsuit has sanctioned insurance company attorneys for failing to tell the whole story. More

New York Two Years After Hurricane Sandy

The national and local press takes stock of the situation in New York and vicinity, two years after Superstorm Sandy devastated coastal areas around the city. More

The New Jersey Shore, Two Years After Sandy

It has been two years since Superstorm Sandy wreaked havoc on the Jersey Shore. On the storm’s anniversary, the press is taking stock of the present situation. More

The $100 Billion Whammy: An East Coast Hurricane that Might Just Happen

Switzerland re-insurance company Swiss Re, a global powerhouse in risk insurance, looks back at an 1821 hurricane that could wreak havoc on the U.S. eastern seaboard if it were to happen again. More

Fire-Resistant Decks

In areas prone to wild fires, choosing the right decking material can help make... More

Hurricane Sandy Victims Still Waiting as New York's "Build it Back" Program Accomplishes Little

Rigid bureaucracy, poor administration blamed as New York recovery program leaves flooded-out residents stranded. More

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Good News and Bad News in New Flood Maps for Palm Beach County

FEMA’s new Flood Insurance Rate Maps for Palm Beach County, Florida, are drawing mixed reviews from the locals. More

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