Flood Insurance Refund Checks Will Start to Flow in October

Homeowners who paid increased flood insurance premiums will get refunds this fall, now that the rate boost has been repealed by Congress. More

Alabama Court Broadens Builders Insurance Coverage for Damage from Defective Work

An Alabama Supreme Court decision marks a growing trend in the states to honor builder insurance claims for damage from bad work performed by subcontractors. More

Delaware Passes Workers Comp Insurance Reform

Delaware lawmakers have capped reimbursement to health care providers in comp claims, hoping to halt double-digit rate increases. More

New Jersey's Sandy Response Faulted

To manage its Sandy response, New Jersey hired private companies that had performed poorly in previous disasters, a Los Angeles Times report says. More

More Sandy Aid Money Headed to Jersey

Another round of Community Development Block Grant money will be coming New Jersey’s way. More

Flood Rule Confusion in New Jersey

It could be that the state and federal rule books differ in New Jersey when it comes to elevations and building methods in the flood plain. And that could create trouble. More

FEMA Hits “Rewind” on Flood Insurance Rates

FEMA has gone back to its old flood insurance rate table, officials told Congress this month. More

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Caution: Homeowners on Site

This is a little news story that will make every contractor cringe ... and then probably make you mad. More

FEMA Starts Revising Flood Premiums

Under pressure from Congress to act quickly, FEMA has begun to bring homeowners relief from flood insurance premium hikes. More

New York City Rebuilding Program Draws Fire for Lack of Results

A year and a half after Hurricane Sandy flooded the city, New York’s “Build It Back” program “hasn't actually built anything back yet,” City Council members complain. More

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