International Projects

StoneBreaker Journeyman Gloves

Designed to be durable and comfortable, these gloves feature a shell made of 22... More

Worx Aerocart

Besides functioning as a wheelbarrow, it can be a handcart. Either way, the... More

Readers Comment: What We Didn’t Like About Your Rebar Story

Phil and Dave are not impressed with the American Innovator video about a trip to... More

12 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Rebar

Your last truck, fridge, or microwave may have been turned into rebar at a plant... More

A New Line of DeWalt Air Tools

Designed with automotive and industrial users in mind, these tools are said to... More

Youngstown Touchscreen Gloves

These gloves are made with capacitive material at the tips of the index finger,... More

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Chinese Real-Estate Investors On A San Francisco Buying Spree

In dense-packed San Francisco, investors from China are having an effect on the real estate market. More

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Chinese Authorities Crack Down On Apartment-Top Mountain Villa

Houses on top of apartment buildings are a thing in China. But this time, the... More

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