Lead-Safe Practices

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Soy-Based Stripper

LeadOut works by converting lead to nonhazardous lead sulfide, says the maker More

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Lead Cleaner

According to the maker, Ledizolv detergent is biodegradable and dissolves lead... More

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Five-Sided Dust Barrier

The Encapsulator Workbag upacks into a 5x8-foot "clean room" More

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FastCap Dust-Barrier Door

This door shuts with magnets instead of clips or a zipper More

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Interpreting the RRP

This letter is part of an ongoing discussion about how the EPA defines "demolition" More

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Lead Paint Rules Require Context - Modular Skeptic

Lead paint rules require context; modular skeptic More

Busted by the EPA: A Coastal Remodeler Faces the RRP Music

Busted by the EPA: A Coastal Remodeler Faces the RRP Music More

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Do RRP Rules Apply When the Homeowner Does the Demo?

It's OK to have them do the demo, but you still have to follow lead-safe work... More

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How to Lower the Cost of RPP Compliance When Bidding on Small Jobs

You can work safely and still compete with uncertified remodelers by understanding... More

Tools from the Remodeling Show 2011: Dustless Technologies

Darren Diess of Dustless Technologies demonstrated the filtering capabilities of their HEPA vacuum and showed me a number of dust collection shrouds that will fit the tools you already own. More

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