Living Room

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Rejuventating Aged Drywall

Q: My company is converting a garage with drywall on its walls and ceiling into... More

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Giving Freestanding Garages Their Due

Giving freestanding garages their due More

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Supporting a Wide-Span Floor With Structural Steel

Sculptural steel columns and beams turned a two-car garage into a two-story living... More

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Limits on Electrical Outlets

What does the code say about how many receptacles can be put on 15-amp and 20-amp... More

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Drywall Orientation in Tall Rooms

Q. I am about to install drywall in a workshop with 9-foot ceilings, and I don't see why I should install it the traditional way, horizontally. Why not buy 10-foot sheets, cut off one foot, and hang the board vertically? This would put all the butt seams More

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Framing a Cross-Vault Ceiling

A custom builder breaks down this tricky decorative ceiling treatment into simple,... More

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Rooftop Decks for Coastal Homes

Building a deck over living space can be a tricky proposition. An architect and... More

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Fitting the Main Stair to the Entry

All stairs, from the humblest flight of cellar stairs to the most elegant curved... More

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Troubleshooting Open Plans

Over the last ten years or so, residential designers have made tremendous progress... More

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