Home Depot Preps for an Onslaught of Burners

Where do you go for supplies on your way to the world’s freakiest event? That’s... More

Lowe’s and Hitachi Freeze out Home Depot

A tool company and big box store agree to become exclusive—sort of.  More

25 New Tools from Makita

These are just some of the tools that were on display at Makita’s 100th year... More

How Big Are Big Box Stores?

Most people working in the construction trades know that Home Depot and Lowe's are... More

A Trip to the Cordless Tool Factory

Here’s a look inside the North Carolina assembly plant where DeWalt builds tools... More

Chinese Drywall Makes Trouble for Miami Hi-Rise Condo

Twenty-nine high-rise condo owners on Miami’s Brickell Avenue will have to move out while defective Chinese-made drywall is removed. More

Home Depot v. Lowes 2015

From the department of boring corporate news: Depot stomps Lowes. More

A Trip to the Festool Museum in Germany

When a tool company has been around for 90 years it’s hard not to have some pretty... More

The World’s First Uplink Tool

NASA uses a space age machine to make a machine age tool in space. More

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